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American Medalists in Paris
Contemporary Medallic Sculpture by Mashiko
On its 100th anniversary, the 2019 J. Sanford Saltus Award for Single Achievement in the Art of the Medal was presented to Mashiko. The American Numismatic Society recognized her as an outstanding artist, as well as for accomplishments as a gallery director, international curator, competition organizer, and promoter of contemporary medals for over 30 years.
Feb. 15th • 2020 through April 18th • 2020
A retrospective in cartoons by Brumsic Brandon Jr. & Barbara Brandon-Croft
Spanning six decades of publishing history, an exclusive exhibit of political and social commentary cartoons by the esteemed Brumsic Brandon, Jr. (1927–2014) and his daughter Barbara Brandon-Croft.
Feb. 15th • 2020 through April 18th • 2020
at The New Approach Contemporary Medallic Art Research Center
Curated by Scott Miller from the collections of: Jay Galst, Scott Miller, Ira Rezak, David Simpson, Donald Scarinci, Frederic Withington
September 2019 through July 2020