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A Group Exhibition Of Global Contemporary Medalists Curated By Mashiko
Marion Held• Sebastian Mikolajczak • Inese Nātriņa • Bogomil Nikolov • Polly Purvis • Jeanne Stevens-Sollman • László Szlávics Jr.
May 7th through 28th • 2016
An Exhibition Of Original Comic Strips & Social Commentary Cartoons, Reprints, Artifacts And Development Work By A Father & Daughter
Brumsic Brandon Jr. with Barbara Brandon-Croft
May 7th through July 2nd • 2016
at The New Approach Contemporary Medallic Art Research Center
Selection from the collections of Dr. Jay Galst • Scott Miller • Normand Pepin • Dr. Ira Rezak • David Simpson • Frederic Withington • and numerous international Medialia Gallery artists
September 2015 through July 2016