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New York, NY 10018
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Wed. to Sat. - 12:00 to 6:00 PM

A One-Person Exhibition of Recent Sculpture
Rex Kalehoff was born in New York in 1979. After graduating from The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, in 2002, he taught sculpture in Thailand and Australia. He is currently completing his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Woodworking at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Kalehoff’s work has been shown in Philadelphia and New York, as well as in Europe, Japan and Thailand. He received the New Approach Inc. Robin Award (a collector’s Award) in the FIRST INTERNATIONAL MEDALLIC SCULPTURE COMPETITION FOR EMERGING ARTISTS. The awarded work is in the permanent collection at the New Approach Contemporary Medallic Sculpture Collection and Research Center,* New York.

Of his work Rex Kalehoff writes:
... I am an avid world traveler, interested in history, anthropology, and the natural environment. First-hand experience and observations overseas are my greatest resources, and as I develop a global awareness, I am extremely humbled. I am most affected by matters directly linked to the ecological state of the world and I see immense potential in communicating through art, these issues affecting the shared experience of life on the planet.

This exhibition, RELICS, is a group of familiar, yet evocative, objects that draw reference to the physical remains and ideologies of past cultures around the world. The work reflects on universal themes of cultural persistence and survival, and presents a thoughtful investigation into our current patterns of living. My message is in support of a sustainable future, celebrating diversity, and nurturing the natural environment.

In this exhibit, Kalehoff is showing recent sculpture in carved and constructed wood, and cast glass. This is his first one-person exhibition in New York City.

May 10th through June 7th, 2008