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Figurative Drawing by Emerging Artists
It is my pleasure that group exhibitions by New York Academy of Art alumni have become one of Medialia Gallery’s annual events. THE LANGUAGE OF DRAWING II is the third figurative drawing exhibition by this group of emerging artists. This series of drawing shows began with the title, roots of drawing, in 2003. The exhibited work for roots of drawing was created by many of the same artists who are participating this year. I am delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit work from these enormously skilled and passionate artists once again.

Exhibiting artists are: Kazuhiro Adachi, Jeffrey Casto, Christian Fagerlund, Carl G. Fougerousse, Brian Kubler, Marisa Lilje, Joel Mangin, Lester Onisko, Raphael Sassi, and Yumiko Tomobe. All of the artists are alumni of the New York Academy of Art. This exhibition is curated by Joel Mangin and Raphael Sassi, who are currently Fellows at the Academy.

Joel Mangin wrote for the exhibition, roots of drawing:

Visual perception is unique way knowing... By simultaneously addressing both individual observation and particular subject as vehicle for decisive exploration, we seek to move from but also beyond mere facility, accuracy and design.

Their former drawing instructor at New York Academy, John Jacobsmeyer, wrote for the 2004 exhibition, the language of drawing:

... [drawing is] a visual language and shares very few traits with its verbal counter parts...drawing, the noun, comes from the gerund, the form of the verb ‘to draw’... ‘draw-ing’ is an action not an object ... It is about the process of observing nature in time... Each of these artists quietly, diligently pursues his/her examination while the giddy New York art world reels outside...They love to draw and they speak the language eloquently.

June 4th through July 2nd, 2005