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small-scale work from a thousand years ago through the present
Nov. 3rd - 27th • 2004

Humans have long expressed concepts and emotions with figurative art, through the orchestration of shapes, colors, and materials. It is human nature to convey one¹s storytelling, messages, and emotions through familiar living shapes.
This exhibition focuses on subjects which also have figures found in nature, such as plant life, animals, sea life, and the concept of the human figure, all in small scale. Works were created by a worldwide array of artists, in timeless frames from past to present.
Participating Artists:
Balas, Hungary
Batista, Portugal
Brito, Portugal
Carson, USA
Cardillo, USA
Dobberkau, Germany
Finke, USA
Gasparova-Illesova, Slovakia
Genest, Canada
Gobel, Germany
Guevara, UK
Haruki, Japan
Helgott, USA
Hellegers, Holland
Iizuka, USA
Ito, Japan
Kakitsubo, Japan
Kaufman, USA
Krzysztof, Poland
Letterie, Holland
Leckberg, USA
Leski, Poland
E. Makinen, Finland
P. Makinen, Finland
Malpass, USA
Martin, USA
Mazze, USA
Mieras, Latvia
Mincheva, USA
O'Dwyer, Australia
Okumura, Japan
Payne, USA
Polonsky, Slovak Republic
Rosetta, USA
Santos, Portugal
Shagin, USA
Stancke, Germany
Strupulis, Latvia
Sutherland, New Zealand
Suvorova, Russia
Takemoto, Japan
Tamura, Japan
Tomobe, USA
van de Vathorst, Holland
Vasques, Portugal
Wheeler, New Zealand
Zigan, Germany